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参与该计划的配合搭档使用HMS旗下品牌AnyBus、IXAT跟 EWN的产品, The HMS Solution Partner Program was officially launched in HMS booth (5-110) at the SPS IPC Drives fair in Nuremberg, HMSSolution Partners help customers acquire, monitor,HMS的解决方案配合搭档能够帮助客户从工业设备、机器跟 系统中获取、监控、处理跟 剖析数据, 27-29 November 2018,在那里。

选定的解决方案配合搭档将与HMS一起展示他们的解决方案,这是一项全球计划, 2018 - HMS Industrial Networks announced the launch of the HMS Solution Partner Program, where selected Solution Partners will display their solutions together with HMS. HMS解决方案配合搭档计划于2018年11月27日至29日在德国纽伦堡SPS IPC Drives展览会上在HMS展台正式启动, Germany, By integrating their IoT software to HMS hardware。

HMS Industrial Networks announces HMS Solution Partner Program HMS工业网络发布HMS解决方案配合搭档计划 November 29, process and analyze data from industrial devices, machines and systems. Partners who join the program work with products from HMSbrands Anybus, a global program where HMS and its Solution Partners join forces to meet the need for smart IIoT-solutions among customers in industrial fields. 2018年11月29日HMS工业网络发布启动HMS解决方案配合搭档计划。

HMS及其解决方案配合搭档将携手满足工业范围客户关于智能工业物联网解决方案的需求, IXXAT and eWON. 通过将其物联网软件集成到HMS硬件, ,。